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Treat yo’ self

Your feet never take a day off, why not pamper them! Not all of us got time to book a spa appointment which is why ÉLEVER is providing your spa treatments at home. Equipped with massagers, you can ease your ankle or sole pain away while improving circulation. Portable and foldable. You do not have to worry about water spillage thanks to the stable and sturdy non-skid legs that will never collapse or wobble.

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Why choose us?

Can be folded into 6 inches thick for easy mobility and storage
Deeper Massage
Equipped with massage rollers that alleviate feet fatigue and helps in stimulating acupressure points
Non-Skid Legs
Guarantees no wobbling and water spillage that allows full relaxation without any worries
Spa-Like Treatment
Not all of us have the time to book a spa appointment which is why we made it possible for everyone to relax and enjoy without the hassle.