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Savor the flavor

Chop. Juice. Serve. Savor! The ÉLEVER cutting board is a versatile board that can be used to cut your fruits, veggies, meat, seafood, and poultry. It has deep curved edges that allow you to collect herbs or juices easily without making a mess. The other side can double as the charcuterie board plate, perfect when you have your friends over.

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Why choose us?

Made of sustainable maple wood that is exquisitely crafted and polished to achieve a smooth texture
Reversible & Versatile
Two-sided cutting board that can be used for chopping and serving
Gentle on Knives
Designed to be sturdy and stable which guarantees comfortable and safe chopping
One Board for Different Needs
The reversible and eco-friendly maple wood cutting board is optimized to create a wide variety of dishes without making a mess.